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JUL 24th 2023

Ethan Jupp

Seven things we learned playing The Crew: Motorfest closed Beta

It’s been a full five years since we got a new open-world ‘Crew’ game but the third (albeit not numbered) entry is imminent. Though it releases in September, we got to play The Crew: Motorfest early during the closed Beta. Keeping in mind that this is an unfinished version of the game, I have a few thoughts.

TLDR? So far, it’s really good – if not entirely without its problems – even though it feels more like a spiritual sequel to the original Forza Horizon, than the last two ‘Crew’ games. Those are games that I’ve spent hours on and love dearly but I understand why Ivory Tower has gone in a different direction. So let’s get into what I’ve learned about The Crew: Motorfest after a weekend of Beta gameplay.


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