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18th March 2022
Ethan Jupp

Can you imagine what an Alpine supercar would look like? Well, imagine no more. The students at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin have got you covered, with their A4810 concept.


A collaboration with Alpine, the A4810 is a vision of a future hydrogen-powered Alpine supercar. The number in the name is a reference to the height of Mont Blanc, the Alps’ most emblematic peak that bridges Italy and France and therefore, IED and Alpine.

Curiously too, part of the remit was for the car to be “brought to the cusp of the sportscar category”. Is Alpine teasing a ground-up Le Mans Hypercar entry? Quite possibly, and this could be a very vague teaser of what’s to come.

It’s certainly a spectacular thing to behold, with lots of negative spaces in the bodywork designed to manipulate the air. Prominent are the Ford GT-style buttresses falling from the cockpit canopy to the exaggerated rear arches.


There’s a long overhang at the front, with a distinctive futuristic interpretation of the Alpine lighting signature and layered bodywork on the nose. Out back there are prominent venturies and a vertical lighting signature, with what appear to be exhausts in the middle in a hexagonal shape.

Central too is a vertical stabilising fin with in-built lighting – very stylish. This is a long, low and presumably rapid supercar in a straight line. None of this is to say there aren’t realistic considerations either. Packaging for the hydrogen powertrain and fuel is central to the design.


On the inside, it’s even more futuristic, with stylised carbon seats, an aggressive and angular dash and a sci-fi steering wheel. The blue, red and white colours remind you of this car’s French heritage.

This ‘super berlinette’ is what a six- or seven-figure Alpine could look like in the year 2035, with high performance as extreme as its low environmental impact. The project has come about only in the last six months, with the students starting work last Autumn.

“The Alpine A4810 project by IED has been a very exciting experience with IED students and lecturers”, said Raphael Linari, Alpine Chief Designer.

“The result is a futuristic supercar that explores new territories for the brand in terms of package, proportions, and design language.”

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