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DEC 12th 2022

James Brodie

The 7 best French cars to buy in 2023

The automotive world we know today owes a great deal to the French. It’s home to some of the world’s most well-known car brands, the world’s most prestigious endurance race, and the French have been behind many technological and product innovations, though not all of them rip-roaring successes. 

Some swings and misses aside, the French way of doing things has won fans world over. So it's certainly encouraging to see that many French brands are currently in fine form. Many of them are launching new, ambitious cars again after a relative period of playing it safe, while mainstream marques are reviving that oft-mentioned creative spark of the French industry’s golden age for the all-electric era. Here we celebrate the unique appeal of the latest crop of French cars and highlight some of our particular favourites.


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