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Updated: MAY 24th 2024

Russell Campbell

The nine best luxury SUVs for 2024

Outwardly, SUVs might seem like the bane of the car lover's life because, relatively speaking, they're uglier, slower, clumsier in corners and thirstier than a normal car – so why on earth do we all buy them? Because no matter what the detractors say, SUVs are the Swiss Army Knife of the car world: roomy inside, great for towing, and often pretty good off-road, too. Nowadays, their road manners are similar to a low-slung car; images of Land Rovers and the like barrelling into corners, door handles kissing the Tarmac a long-distant memory. 

Still need to be convinced? Well, the flipside of the coin is that the huge money manufacturers make selling SUVs bankroll the sports cars and supercars that tickle the fancy of enthusiasts. 


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