The 8 best supercars to buy in 2024

06th February 2024
Ethan Jupp

2024 is a great year to be in the market for a new supercar. Whether you want a hybrid, turbocharging, natural aspiration, six cylinders, eight cylinders, twelve cylinders, it’s all somehow still there. What we always loved remains, alongside new and exciting machinery with interesting technology. So let’s go through the best supercars for you to buy in 2024.


1. Lamborghini Revuelto

Of course we should preface this entry – and indeed a number of others – by saying that going down your local dealer and placing an order will not yield the arrival of a Lamborghini Revuelto on your drive in 2024. Hell, it might not even get there by 2026. But such is the reported quality of Lamborghini’s newly-hybridised V12 flagship, that it might just be worth paying the extortionate markup to some slimy supercar dealer to get behind the wheel this year. Some 1,000PS (735kW) system output, drop-dead styling, the 9,500rpm scream of a V12 paired with all-electric driving modes makes the Revuelto perhaps the ultimate supercar all-rounder in 2024.


2. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Again you’ll struggle to get one new from Porsche in 2024 if your order wasn’t already in a year ago but this thing is absolutely worth it. Why? The crazy enormous active aero? It’s cool, but no. That screaming, cammed 9,000rpm 4.0-litre flat six? It’s delicious, but no. No, the genius of the new GT3 RS is in its chassis and its adjustable suspension, which can be adjusted to be a more comfortable, more compliant road car than most other 911s. If you thought that was backwards, consider the fact that you can only access that adjustability in ‘Track Mode’. Regardless, it’s a lightning-in-a-bottle moment, even for Porsche, which has a habit of making truly irritatingly exceptional performance cars. And to anyone that say’s it’s not a supercar, boo. Why do you hate fun? It has the drama, it has the track performance, it has the specialty appointment.


3. Maserati MC20 Cielo

It feels weird to say that the Maserati MC20 with its high-tech Nettuno V6 is one of the most old-school supercars you can buy new today, but it's true. That engine might feature F1 tech but it has all the bluster and bravado of a Jaguar XJ220. Its 630PS (463kW) is delivered with addictive savagery and is paired with a truly delectably set-up chassis. On the outside, it's typically Maserati in its amalgamation of beauty and elegance but also drama. We recommend the Cielo for its delightful buttresses alone.


4. Ferrari 296 GTB

Traditional Ferrari road cars use front-mounted V12s and the latest 812 Superfast is a brazen modern expression of this long history, blurring the lines between supercar and GT. But mid-engined machines are also a staple of the range and the models that spring to mind when you think ‘Italian supercar’. The 296 GTB properly changes things up after 13 years of the same basic 458-derived platform and V8 engines, with its hybridised twin-turbo V6 and monster 830PS (610kW) output. Yet in spite of that near hypercar-level power, the 296 is an ally to your ego, deftly deploying its performance potential in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. Don’t get us wrong, it’s otherworldly fast when you really open the taps, but it’s delivered in a more accessible package than you’d have thought possible. It’s pretty too.


5. McLaren 750S

McLaren is on absolute top form right now. The Artura is an astonishing, life-afirming supercar that reassures us the future isn't all bad. With that said, right now, you want the 750S if nothing but a car from Woking will do. Why? Because it's supposedly the de-bug compilation album of everything great about both the 720S and 765LT, with expertly-judged levels of aggression and refinement. It's also potentially the swansong for McLaren's outstanding V8 engine, with tuned vocals specifically for this car. It's also refreshingly old-school in that it's not hybridised and therefore, not heavy. This thing is hundreds of kgs down on certain rivals. A delight.


6. Corvette C8 Z06

Of course if you really want old-school supercar, weirdly, you need a Corvette in 2024. The Z06 after all is the car that its maker Chevrolet openly admits is doing its best Ferrari 458 impression, with its DOHC, flat-plain crank 5.5-litre V8 that screams up to 8,600rpm. It also has the honour of being the most powerful series production naturally-aspirated V8 yet made. Happily, the car around the engine is reportedly very good too and we can all agree, the Z06 visual upgrades have done wondercompared to the somewhat gawky standard C8. The cherry on top? You can now get it in right-hand-drive.


7. McLaren Artura

Don’t sleep on the Artura. This is genuinely a properly thrilling, infinitely fascinating and reassuring supercar. The latter point? Well, it’s proof that hybridity can be fun, given its twin-turbo V6 engine that’s been designed specifically to work with electric power, is one of the most addictive internal combustion engines of recent memory. It’s also indicative of McLaren learning lessons, with a vastly more progressive attitude thanks to revised rear suspension and the transformative addition of a limited-slip diff. If you love your driving, this is right up there.

8. Ferrari Roma

None of the cars here is unattractive, but the Ferrari Roma is easily one of the prettiest cars on sale today. It has all of the tech you’d expect, with the latest generation of traction and stability controls, including a smarter Ferrari Side Slip Angle Control, a system that essentially lets you dial in your desired drift and hold the car there in a beautiful, fear-free slide. Its twin-turbocharged V8 engine, meanwhile, delivers 620PS (456kW) of power and with a devilish noise. On top of that its design is simple and pared back with minimal vents, scoops and creases all over the bodywork. Harsh angles and aggression are overrated.

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