The Levorg STI Sport Prototype is a cool, fast estate we wish Subaru would build

14th January 2020
Laura Thomson

Concepts and prototypes are wonderful and disappointing in equal measure. They showcase what’s possible, what a manufacturer is capable of producing, but the resulting car – if it ever materialises – is usually far less extreme. So, forgive us for not leaping upon the news of the all-new Levorg Prototype STI Sport, which Subaru revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 last Friday.


The Japanese manufacturer’s latest performance wagon prototype implements the newest technologies and promises “a future where everyone can truly enjoy driving in a car that enriches the life of the customer”. While no autonomous functions are highlighted, it’s certainly hinted at in the press release.

Created in-house by the STI motorsport division (Subaru Tecnica International), the Levorg Prototype STI Sport employs a first for Subaru in the form of the “Drive Mode Select” system. At the touch of the button, the hypothetical driver can select the driving characteristics of the vehicle, with the various modes adjusting the power unit, steering, all-wheel-drive system and dampers. The dampers themselves are newsworthy, as Subaru has never used electronically controlled dampers before.  


Based on Subaru’s “Grand Touring philosophy”, the Levorg Prototype STI Sport is all about long distance comfort. But of course, the STI Sport badge implies a typical dose of Subaru performance, adjustable via the aforementioned Drive Mode Select dial, although quite how much performance a Levorg STI Sport would have we don’t know. Subaru hasn’t mentioned how much power it would have or even what engine would sit under the bonnet.

It has reportedly been “developed as a symbolic model of the new generation of Subaru”, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that it will come to fruition. Which is a shame, really, because with the WRX STI discontinued on this side of the Pond, Subaru really could do with a new performance car or two.

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