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JAN 21st 2022

Seán Ward

The nine best Peugeot road cars

Many car companies have undergone various transitions to get where they are today. Saab started out making planes, for example, while Skoda began by building bicycles, Daimler produced the engines for boats and Lamborghini sold tractors. Few automotive manufacturers, however, have quite such entertaining origins as Peugeot: pepper grinders. Yes, the Peugeot family were in the steel business, and as well as saws and chisels, they sold coffee and pepper grinders, then dresses, umbrellas, wire wheels, bicycles and, eventually, cars. 

In a journey of more than 200 years, the Peugeot brand has evolved and grown, and not only can you still by a pepper grinder but, more relevant to us, you can still buy its cars. And some of its creations have been phenomenal. So, let’s take a look at Peugeot’s back catalogue. 


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