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MAY 21st 2018
Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel

The origins of Porsche – born in an Austrian shed

It may be 70 years since the first car to be called a Porsche was produced, but its roots go back further even than that, and you only need to look at that car – the 356/1 prototype – to know it. Its engine, suspension, brakes and steering, all its major moving components, came either straight from the Volkswagen Beetle that Dr Ferdinand Porsche had designed before the war, or were adapted from that design.


Andrew Frankel

Andrew Frankel has been racing cars for over 20 years and testing them for nearer to 30. He is senior contributing writer to both Autocar and MotorSport magazines, sits on the Car of the Year jury and was chief car tester for the Sunday Times for 15 years. He cites driving and writing as the only disciplines for which he has any talent and therefore considers himself vocationally employed. When he is not working he lives quietly in the Wye Valley with his family, a small and unimportant accumulation of cheap old cars and some sheep.

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