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AUG 24th 2023

Gary Axon

The sad loss of the Volvo estate | Axon's Automotive Anorak

Depending on your age and personal interests, it is often difficult not to disassociate a certain car marque from a particular model. Think of Ferrari, for example, and depending on your era, you might immediately think of a 250 GTO or an F40. Think of Morris and the iconic Minor will almost definitely spring to mind. Volkswagen? A Beetle, Type 2 camper van or Golv. And Volvo? Well, whichever model you’re thinking about, it is very likely to be boxy, solid, staid, and an estate car. So it’s a shock to hear that having almost single-handedly built its reputation for making dull, stolid, ‘boxy but good’ square-cut estate cars for generations post-war, the UK distribution arm of Volvo is stopping them altogether, along with saloons.


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