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JAN 07th 2022

James King

The six best Saabs of all time

Saab is a motoring brand that can be fairly divisive in the car community. On the one hand you have a group that considers it an odd-ball defunct car company that is better off in the history books, and on the other you have a group that will defend Saab with their dying breath.

I’ve recently fallen into the latter group with the purchase of my very own Saab 93 2.0t. There’s just something about the small touches and nods to their aerospace background that sets it apart from its competitors. Now, there are a few Saabs, mainly in the post-GM era that didn’t have that Scandinavian magic, but over the years Saab produced some brilliant cars and I’ve picked out what I consider the best of the bunch. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make you fall in love with the brand as well.


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