DEC 11th 2014

Video: How to drive a Ferrari FXX around Imola

With plenty of excitement surrounding the new LaFerrari based Ferrari FXX K, but not a lot in the way of moving images, we thought we’d find some on-board footage of its forebear, the Enzo derived FXX. And it proved worthwhile when we unearthed this on-board footage from Imola last summer.

While the video may get off to an inauspicious start when ‘our’ car is passed by a less powerful 599XX, the pace quickens and the camera car gains the place back. (As an aside, watch how long the 599XX’s exhausts are flaming as the throttle is trailed around Acque Minerali).

As well as enjoying the quick pace around Imola, we also get to indulge in the 6.3-litre V12’s incredible noise. Ferrari’s XX range doesn’t have to comply with any road or racing regulations, but if the sound proves that it’s well into race car territory. Possibly beyond. Given that only 30 FXXs were built, and that they’re only used on Ferrari sanctioned events, the chances of seeing one in the flesh are slim. That same will be true of the limited-run FXX K, but that doesn’t mean our appetite for the new car hasn’t been whetted by this video…

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