Video: On board McLaren P1LM Smashes Nürburgring record!

25th May 2017
Ethan Jupp

Can we get a “here here” for internal combustion! The McLaren P1 LM has taken to the Norschleife in anger, and it’s won, by two seconds: The electric supercar overlords NIO, with their EP9, have been dethroned. Just.

That’s right, the P1 LM completed its flying lap in 6 minutes and 43.2 seconds, and you can watch it happen from the hot seat in the video above. The speed aggression and commitment with which Kenny Brack attacks is astonishing, yet at one point you see him masterfully manoeuvring the car across-track, one-handed, at getting on for 200mph. What a fantastic effort from car and driver alike. How much do you want to be one of the five lucky owners!?

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