Columnists ,Andrew Frankel
JAN 11th 2019

Thank Frankel it's Friday: How to drive through 15 countries in one day

I’ve always been a fan of long distance driving. I’m not sure why, but when I look back on the jobs in my career I remember most clearly, the majority involve hour after hour behind the wheel. When I recall the moment one afternoon in the Autocar office over 20 years ago when I realised I needed to drive a Caterham through that very night to the south of France, I can feel the shivers all over again. I’ll never forget me and a particularly unhinged colleague seeing if it was possible to drive a Chrysler Viper from Calais to Italy in under six hours (I’m ashamed to say it was), and I remember the unalloyed joy of waking up in Colditz Castle one morning (it’s a long story) near the Czech border with nothing to do all day save drive to Wales.