2025 Continental GT Speed is Bentley’s most powerful production car ever

25th June 2024
Ethan Jupp

The next-generation Bentley Continental GT is here. Debuting in full-fat Speed form, the Crewe’s core model embraces hybridisation and ditches the W12, for a 782PS (575kW), 1,000Nm (738ft lb) V8 punch billed as the most sophisticated, dynamic Continental GT yet. Objectively, it’s the most powerful production Bentley we’ve ever seen. Let’s delve into the details.

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2025 Bentley Continental GT: design and overview

In silhouette alone, the new Continental GT changes little over the car it replaces. The styling is however noticeably different with a massaged design direction for the brand. This includes single headlights at the front – a call back somewhat to the Bacalar coach build. They are a first on a production Bentley since the 1950s and a move away from the straightforward, oval shapes of the exhausts and lights at the rear in favour of Bacalar-inspired grander items. The new DNA is bolder, so Bentley says, with the new Conti heralding a ‘design revolution’ for the marque.

The platforms are indeed very similar, but so comprehensive is this car’s mechanical and architectural transformation that Bentley bills it as a full-on fourth-generation car. Think of it as the 992 Porsche 911 to the 991 – an iteration of the body in white but comprehensively overhauled in all other areas. Indeed, the new car comprises 68 per cent all-new components.

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2025 Bentley Continental GT Speed: performance, dynamics, and specs

Yes, the old twin-turbo V8 and W12 are retired and in their place comes a revised twin-turbo V8 augmented by an electric motor between the engine and transmission. It contributes 190PS (140kW) and 450Nm (332lb ft) to the V8’s 600PS (441kW), for a 782PS (575kW) total system output, while overall torque is a monstrous 1,000Nm (758ft lb). The throttle response and power delivery should be razor sharp and the power band broad, thanks to the EV motor’s instant torque.

From what is called ‘The Ultra Performance Hybrid,’ performance is as you’d expect: fairly spectacular. 60mph comes up from a stop in 3.1 seconds, which is impressive, given the new GT Speed stomps the kerb at 2,459kg on the way to a 208mph top speed. Bentley verified that speed (and the 33 seconds it takes the car to get there from rest) with an underwater speed record, no less. That, in addition to setting an unofficial record for fastest speed through a tunnel. 

Appropriately for a Grand Tourer, Bentley also cites the GT’s impressive driving range, which is up to 534 miles. All-electric range is an impressive 50 miles, courtesy of the 25.9kWh battery mounted behind the back axle. Full electric power can be deployed at up to 75 percent throttle and at speeds up to 87mph. The battery recharges in 2 hours and 45 minutes at the 11kW peak. Emissions? A measly 29g/km, a figure so small it makes your granny’s Micra look like a Range Rover.

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The new engine is a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, just like the old one, though it’s gone through some significant revisions to ready it for hybrid power. It no longer has cylinder shut-off tech, for instance. The turbos are now hotter-running, simpler, single-scroll items too, as the low-end is now handled by the electric boost. Fuel injection pressure is up to 350 bar from 200 to improve emissions. The car will run as an EV, a hybrid, charge its battery, or deplete it depending on your driving mode.

We mentioned that 2,459kg weight, but while overall mass is up, the distribution is improved with the new GT Speed bringing for the first time a front/rear 50:50 ratio to the traditionally nose-heavy Conti. That will aid the new Bentley Performance Active Chassis system in its job of tightening up the Continental’s transient manners.

The system is a collaborative effort between the active all-wheel-drive, the new revised e-LSD at the rear, the all-wheel-steering, torque vectoring system, and the 48-volt Dynamic Ride active anti-roll. New in the suspension are twin-valve dampers to broaden the scope of different modes, rather than each being a straight-cut compromise. Plainly, it’ll be comfier in comfort and sportier in sport. The brakes are huge, too, with 420/380mm discs at the front and rear as standard and the carbons jumping to 440/410mm.

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2025 Bentley Continental GT Speed: interior

What a Bentley is like inside is more important than is the case with many cars and happily, the outgoing Conti retains its fine form six years on from its debut. That’s a good thing, because the new car brings improved software, a raft of new materials, and trim options but not a huge amount in the way of changed hard points. Happily, the software and tech has advanced, with the addition of plenty of hybrid functionality. You can control your charging from your phone, pre-condition the cabin, plus remote park, and summon your Bentley using your handset.

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2025 Bentley Continental GT Speed: arriving as both coupé and convertible

For the first time in the Continental GT’s history the GT and GTC will be launching simultaneously, so both a coupé and convertible will be available out of the traps. The convertible, as you’d expect, loses a few tenths in terms of acceleration as penance for going alfresco, while also gaining a 177mph v-max speed limiter.

So, when can you have one? Deliveries are expected before the end of the year and given they’re launching with the Speed, it’ll be expensive. We wouldn’t be surprised to see most Speeds arriving in dealers with a £300,000+ window sticker after buyers pick from the options book and Mulliner customisation catalogue. 

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