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FEB 12th 2018
John Simister

John Simister

John Simister: Gérard Welter – the man who made the ideas work

You may not have heard of Gérard Welter, who has died at the age of 75. But you will surely know some of his creations, be they a humble supermini or the fastest car ever to have blazed along the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans. For Welter was a man with a surprising breadth of motivations.


John Simister

A deep concern for the planet's welfare ensures that the cars in John Simister's current assemblage of classics all have engines of under a litre, including a two-stroke Saab which causes the road behind to disappear from view after a cold start. This squares well with John's status as a Car of the Year jury member and a writer both on modern cars and old ones, the latter for Octane and Practical Classics. He has been a journalist since 1984, and lives in the Chiltern Hills with his wife Deborah and a dog called Sprocket.

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