Final Breakfast Club theme of 2018 announced

22nd August 2018
Ben Miles

There's no going back now, we left the decision down to you and, while it was a close run thing for a few weeks, we have a winner in the vote for the final Breakfast Club theme of 2018.


We asked you to decide between rumbling, screaming and howling vee-powered cars filling the Motor Circuit, or a fleet of tiny tearaway hot hatches taking up residence at Goodwood on November 4th. In the end the decision came down to just a matter of and 11 per cent difference.

So, with no more waffling, we're pleased to announce that we will be holding Hot Hatch Sunday this November. We're mightily pleased to be bringing back everyone's favourite kind of every day hero to the circuit for the first time since our final event of 2016. Hot Hatch Sunday was meant to close out the season last year, but the 2017 event was forced to be cancelled, much to our great sadness, at the very last minute due to persistent bad weather.


So now is the time to start getting your applications in if you want to display your car at the event. Remember that we will not be checking applications until the month before the event. If you don't have a relevant car, don't feel left out – you can apply for a completely free ticket to come along and join us on the day.

Tickets go on sale for each Breakfast Club four weeks before the event, with the next, our fourth of 2018, going on sale in a matter of weeks. If you're struggling to recall it's Japanese Sunday on October 7th, and we are accepting car registrations right now!

For more information about registering your car, or on how to get tickets for Breafkast Clubs, click here!

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