Gallery: Featured Cars at the GRRC Breakfast Club

17th July 2022
Seán Ward

If you were at Supercar Sunday or Rule Britannia Sunday, you might have noticed a number of cars parked in front of the Jackie Stewart Pavillion. These cars were part of new Breakfast Club feature called ‘Featured Cars’, its purpose to highlight some of the cars from GRRC Members and Fellows. Well, just because it’s a GRRC Breakfast Club doesn’t mean there aren’t Featured Cars, and today it’s all about variety.

Firstly, yes, that really is a NASCAR, and yes, on display in the same space is a Saab 97 Sonnet. We’ve also got a new Maserati MC20, a Ferrari F50, a Maserati Ghibli and a Pagani Zonda. There are two French icons, a Peugeot 205 GTi and a Citroën 2CV, and representing the UK there’s an Aston Martin DB5 and a 1933 Lagonda 16/80 Special Six Tourer. Oh, and have you ever seen a Lancia Hyena in the metal before? We haven’t, and we might not again for some time because there were only ever 24 of these cars.

Finally, it would be plain rude not to mention the McMurtry Spéirling. This is the car that broke the hillclimb record at the 2022 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, and the wonderful team at McMurtry have brought it along for us all to see. That this car fired up Goodwood Hill in 39.08 seconds still blows our minds. 

If you want to bring your car to the next GRRC Breakfast Club, or you want to be in the running to have your car included in the next GRRC Featured Cars display, all you need to do is join the GRRC. You can become a Fellow here and enjoy this and many other GRRC benefits, from priority ticket booking and digital content early access, to other events and more.

Photography by James Lynch.

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