Video: The Beast's best view?

22nd July 2020
Laura Thomson

Of all the cars to make a regular appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, it’s an unlikely candidate that often gleans the most attention.

At 110-years-old, and with an all-but aerodynamic design, the Beast of Turin is a far cry from the sleek supercars that are usually associated with the Festival. But as its 290hp, 28.5-litre inline-four belches flames up the 1.16-mile tarmac, it’s certainly a sight to behold.   

The sole remaining example of only two Fiat S76s ever built, the Beast was a land speed record setter in its time, famously reaching speeds of 132.27mph in a one way run at Ostende, Belgium in December 1913. Despite American driver Arthur Duray being unable to complete the return run within an hour, it was awarded the unofficial title of world's fastest car.

The car that has graced the Festival of Speed since 2015 is the labour of love of Duncan Pittaway, who rebuilt it using components from both original models, plus newly fabricated parts, created refencing original Fiat drawings.

And while it has been the subject of many a hillclimb clip, we bet you’ve never seen the Beast from these angles before. Ride aboard amidst her flames as Pittaway pilots the magnificent machine up the hill.

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