Polestar Precept Concept coming to FOS

03rd June 2021
Bob Murray

Three years after previewing its first car at Goodwood, Polestar is coming back to the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard (8th-11th July) with its latest and most ambitious take on electric luxury motoring, the Polestar Precept concept.


It was 2018 when we had our first sight of the cool new Scandi-inspired Polestar, reinvented from go-faster Volvo division to standalone electric brand. The first Polestar 1 hybrid led the way for the more mass-market all-electric Polestar 2 starting to appear on our roads, and now it’s time for the next chapter as Polestar’s flagship-in-waiting makes its way to West Sussex.

What is the Precept? Sitting on giant 22-inch wheels, it’s a large four-door all-electric sedan packed to the gunwales with technology, sustainability and design cues that take Polestar into luxury territory for the first time, to compete with the likes of the Tesla Model S. Ever since we saw this potential flagship model in pictures a year ago we have wanted to get a closer look – especially after Polestar confirmed it was going to put it into production.


Characteristics that should make production include a long wheelbase for lots of cabin room, a big lift-up tailgate and fully glazed roof that extends rearwards in lieu of a rear screen; cameras provide the only view out the back. Whether this, along with the rear-hinged back doors and open sides, make production is another matter.

What’s sure to be captured in the production model is the minimalistic Scandinavian-inspired design and latest in digital technology – along with a big emphasis on sustainability, with vegan-friendly interior materials. You won’t find any wood or leather in the Precept.

The research and development on the car as it moves from concept to reality is being done in Coventry, while assembly will likely take place in the Geely-owned brand’s new assembly facilities in China. There’s no date yet for when we will be able to buy one.

“We are excited to show Precept to the British public at this iconic festival,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “Goodwood is a special event for us. The dynamic preview for Polestar 1 was a prototype run up the Hill in 2018. This year we celebrate the end of production of our halo car with the new Sun special edition. And don’t worry, we have a surprise in store with Polestar 2 as well.”

For the first time at the Festival, Polestar will be offering visitors test drives in Polestar cars around a closed route. You will be able to take a Polestar 2 for a spin – but probably not the Precept

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  • polestar-precept-ev-doors-mainfl-goodwood-09042020.jpg


    The Polestar Precept is an all-electric super-saloon from the future – FOS Future Lab

  • polestar-5-teaser-main-goodwood-23112021.jpg


    Polestar 5 goes from concept to reality

  • polestar-3-preview-main-goodwood-17062021.jpg


    Polestar previews first SUV

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