The UK’s first sight of the Lucid Air

24th June 2022
Adam Wilkins

Don’t be deceived by its svelte, understated appearance. The American-built Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance has enough power to make any muscle car quake: 1,050PS (772kW), making it the most powerful electric vehicle available in North America. It made its UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard with former Top Gear stig Ben Collins at the wheel.


The Grand Touring Performance is currently only available in North America and Canada, but the company has plans to come to Europe. It coincides with the opening of a European design studio in Munich. Continuing the firm’s global expansion will be the opening of its first overseas manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia.

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Two versions of the luxury saloon will be available on this side of the Atlantic: the Grand Touring and the Dream Edition Performance. The latter produces 1,050PS and the former 819PS (602kW). The car is configured to recognise the way you’re driving it, and to deliver either more range or more performance accordingly. Similarly, it will deliver a greater proportion of its power to the rear wheels when you’re pressing on. Using a fast charger, it’s possible to give the car 300 miles of range in 20 minutes.


Lucid Motors was founded in the early 2010s, with the Air first shown in concept form in 2016. While its fellow silicone valley rival, the Tesla Model S, is its obvious competition, Lucid has actually benchmarked more traditional luxury saloons, the Mercedes S-Class being a particular target. The first European and Middle Eastern customers will receive Lucid Airs in the next couple of months, with the UK order book opening towards the end of this year and deliveries starting early next.

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The 2022 Festival of Speed was the first chance for potential buyers in Britain to see the Lucid Air up close where it appeared among the increasingly popular Electric Avenue part of the event as well as on the Hill.

You can catch the Lucid Air and so much more at the Festival of Speed by clicking here for our live stream.

Photography by Toby Whales.

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