Video: Donuting a rally-spec Lotus Exige at Goodwood

11th July 2020
Seán Ward

Nothing says Lotus better than a rally car, right? Wait, no, hang on, that’s not right…

Lotus has seen success in Formula 1 and in all manner of other series, but very few Lotus rally cars have ever been made (although yes, the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus won the World Rally Championship in 1981, but it wasn’t a Lotus per se). But back in 2011 Lotus took the Exige S and homologated it to R-GT rally spec, giving it more suspension travel and chunky rally tyres.

Lotus was so happy with its creation that, as the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard was due to celebrate Lotus in 2011, the company brought it along with its European Rally Championship driver Bernado Sousa. If only Lotus had made a road-legal rally-spec Exige S – how cool would that be?

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Video: Donuting a rally-spec Lotus Exige at Goodwood

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