Video: Mad Mike returns to Goodwood with flame-spitting RX-7

13th July 2023
Goodwood Road & Racing

Can you believe it’s been nine years since Mad Mike Whiddett first smoked his way up the Hill at the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard? We can’t. We also can’t believe it’s been three years since Mike could make the Festival, as travel from New Zealand hasn’t been too easy the last couple of years. Thankfully, the tyre-shredding legend is back, and he’s creating clouds so big they’ll be featured on the weather forecast.

For 2023 Mad Mike is back, and he’s brought along a very special car, the very RX-7 he made his sideways debut here with back in 2014. Since then he’s brought along a fire-breathing RX-8, a four-rotor MX-5, another RX-7 and, most recently, a Lamborghini Huracan drift monster, but it’s special to see the original shredding tyres once again. 

We’ve missed you, Mike. We’ve missed you.

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Video: Mad Mike returns to Goodwood with flame-spitting RX-7

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