Video: Tom Chilton gets wild in BTCC Ford

08th June 2020
Ben Miles

Front-wheel-drive cars can’t be spectacular right? Certainly not able to show off at Goodwood in the way that a drifting, burnout-filled run from a RWD car can. Well, nobody told Tom Chilton that, or his BTCC Ford Focus.

In 2011 Chilton set out to really show off his particularly loud, Aon-sponsored Focus, which had arrived in the BTCC in 2010 in his and Tom Onslow-Cole’s hands and nearly blown the established teams away. So Tom was holding nothing back on the Goodwood Hill.

Obviously wanting to show that the front-wheel-drive cars can do anything the rest can, Tom laid out a massive burnout as he approached the central feature, before getting the tail out with some good old lift-off oversteer during the rest of the climb. On behalf of all lovers of front-wheel-drive machinery, Tom, we salute you.

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Video: Tom Chilton gets wild in BTCC Ford

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