VOTE: What's your favourite Porsche 917 livery

07th July 2019
Adam Wilkins

No fewer than twelve Porsche 917s are gathered at the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, with several generations of the car taking to the track for demonstration runs. The car went through a rapid process of evolution from the 1969 original to the 917/30 of 1973.


But we're not going to get into all that now. What we want to know is something more emotive... What's your favourite 917 livery from those that are here this weekend? There are undoubtedly some iconic ones to choose from, including Gulf, Martini and Salzberg in both green and red. Or would you go for something less obvious? Take a look through the gallery and pick your favourite!

Photography by Tom Shaxson.

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  • porsche-917-lh-sound-video-1971-le-mans-festival-of-speed-2019-tom-shaxson-goodwood-07042020.jpg


    Video: The sound of this flat-12 Porsche 917 LH will never get old

  • fos-2019-porsche-917-derek-bell-video-main-goodwood-06072019.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Video: Five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell at the wheel of the 917

  • porsche-917-concept-2019-main-goodwood-12032019.jpg


    The 917 Concept Study is Porsche's modern day interpretation of the 917

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