Video: Jochen Mass racing a Ford Galaxie in the wet is almost balletic

24th August 2016
Ben Miles

Big muscular Fords have rather a special place in Revival history. Not only did Tom Kristensen pilot one to an extraordinary back-to-front victory in the St Mary's last year, but they've been woven into the history of the races ever since the circuit reopened.

In 2013 it was Jochen Mass who took control of a Ford Galaxie 500 for that year's edition of the St Mary's, slotting the car fifth on the grid ready for Saturday's big race.

Then the rain came, a situation in which you might believe that the big V8s might suffer – already short on traction and high on power compared to the more nimble competitors, now robbed of even more grip. That would be counting against the Goodwood House Captain and F1 and Le Mans winner. Jochen in fact danced the mighty Galaxie through to finish third after 17 laps of a sodden Goodwood.

Watching the video above you can see that he's lost none of his car control over the years, balancing the mighty Ford on the edge of cohesion corner after corner to leave his rivals as if they were at a standstil. While we never pray for rain at Goodwood, what odds for a small rain shower over the fleet of A35s this year..?

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