Video: Aston's £2.4million Vulcan attacks Le Mans

27th July 2016
Ethan Jupp

The Circuit de la Sarthe is a mythical place, isn’t it. Could it be the most iconic racing circuit ever (other than Goodwood, Ed)? That’s not for us to decide, but it would surely be in with a shout.

Then there’s Aston Martin. One of the most iconic automotive brands in the world, for sure, and the Vulcan has to be its most dizzyingly ridiculous car to date. Boutique meets GT1 with a V12 displacing 7.3 litres, 800 horsepower, and styling that looks to capture the USS Enterprise as it’s entering warp and plonk it on four wheels and some slicks.

You would imagine then, that a Vulcan at Le Mans would be a pretty special sight. In the video above, climb aboard the spectacular track-only monster as it takes to Le Mans in twilight hours for an all-out screaming lap. The V12 absolutely howls as the Vulcan hammers its way round. Though not competitive, the Vulcan feels completely at home, as if it were harking back to the days of GT1 and GT2, to days when its distant DBR9 relative would be vying for glory.

What would you take for a flying lap of La Sarthe?

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