Video: Five of the greatest Revival comebacks

25th August 2021
Ethan Jupp

There’s a delightful unpredictability to historic racing at Goodwood. So many factors are in play in cars with no driver aids, manual transmissions, temperamental engines, without even considering the changeable weather conditions of the traditionally September-based Revival. As such, there’s very rarely a sure thing. The great often fall from the top but quite often, we can see them climb back up and we bear witness to some of the finest fightbacks you’ll see in racing today.

Just look at Sam Tordoff’s blinding performance to climb the running in the 2018 Fordwater Trophy, or Andre Lotterer’s incredible 2019 Shelby Cobra drive. Sometimes, with a shared drive, you have a pro in for the second half of a race that has quite the job to do, like Tom Kristensen in the 2015 St. Mary’s Trophy. What is your favourite comeback drive at Goodwood?

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Video: Five of the greatest Revival comebacks

25th August 2021


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