Video: 2021 Brooklands Trophy highlights | Goodwood Revival

18th September 2021
Ethan Jupp

The Brooklands Trophy at the Goodwood Revival really embodies the spirit of motor racing at its pre-war height. Aston Martins, Maseratis, Frazer Nashes, Talbot-Lagos, Bentleys, Alfa Romeos and more return to racing almost 100 years on from their period days.

Don’t think because of their age that they’re driven delicately, though. This is a race as any other, which at Revival 2021, was in the wet. It was Pittaway, Burnett and Skipworth on the front row in a Razer Nash, Talbot and an Aston Martin to open proceedings but it quickly all gets out of hand. Watch on the find out what happened…

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