Video: Racing the “nasty” Owlet in the wet is terrifying

12th September 2022
Ben Miles

Nick Swift is used to hurling small cars very quickly around Goodwood. But normally they are a) front-wheel-drive and b) not trying to kill him.

But when he jumped into the incredible Frazer Nash “Owlet” to partner its regular driver Patrick Blakeney-Edwards in the two-driver Brooklands Trophy last year at Revival, it was a rear-wheel-drive car with an apparent death wish that he faced.

The two managed to find an acceptable qualifying position – starting sixth on the grid – before wet conditions meant a twinkle in Patrick’s eye, well aware that the Owlet, no matter how tricky to drive, would come alive in the wet.

As expected the rest of the field could not easily hold a candle to the hard topped little machine, giving Swifty and PBE a chance of securing a famous result. We joined them through the weekend to find out if Swift could overcome his fears and drag the Owlet onto the podium.

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