Video: Ferrari vs Lotus in frenetic sportscar battle

25th August 2022
Simon Ostler

The Goodwood Revival plays host to so many incredible cars, and the Sussex Trophy presented by Lifebuoy for 1950s world championship sportscars brings together one of the more distinctive and eclectic grids of the weekend. A collection of compact, streamlined and open-topped racers from names like Ferrari, Lotus, Lister, Jaguar, Cooper and Maserati.

Here, we’re picking up the action as Sam Hancock in a Ferrari 246S Dino attempts to take second place from Roger Wills in a Lotus 15. We implore you not to blink for the duration of this lap, as they barrel first into St. Mary’s and spend the rest of the lap within inches of each other. This is why we love the Revival. Two beautiful classic sportscars being driven with absolute commitment. Which one would you rather be sat in, the Ferrari or the Lotus?

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Video: Ferrari vs Lotus in frenetic sportscar battle

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