Video: Chaos and comebacks – the story of the 2016 RAC TT Celebration

04th January 2017
Ben Miles

Could there have been a more exciting, heartstopping or even controversial race at the Goodwood Revival in it's (so far) 19-year history than last year's RAC TT Celebration? It had it all: spins from the lead, safety cars, comeback drives, and two drivers pushing to and beyond, the limit in the hunt for victory.

You've probably seen footage of the race, and if not you can find it here, but what exactly was going on behind the wheel of that JD Classics E-Type? Let Gordon Shedden talk you through the incredible race and the build up to that moment, which driving standards officer Martin Donnelly ruled a racing incident after reviewing all the footage.

Could this have been the best RAC TT in Revival history? Let us know below.

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