Video: Epic '60s F1 fight to the finish at Goodwood

19th June 2020
Laura Thomson

Who doesn’t love a last lap battle? The speed, the tension and the sheer no-holds-barred acceleration as two – or more – drivers give it all they’ve got in an attempt to secure their best possible finish.

It makes for the best racing, and luckily such dogfights are a regular feature in the Goodwood Revival’s Glover Trophy. Take the 2014 edition, for example, and this incredible duel between the 1.5-litre F1 Lotus 25 of Andy Middlehurst and the Brabham BT7 of James King.

As the tenacious duo close in on the chequered flag their long-nose, rear-engined racers flirt with one another, ducking and diving in an attempt to take the lead. Tactics are thrown out as both drivers give it all they’ve got in the final charge to the finish.

It’s a marvellous representation of the exhilarating racing that open-wheeled Formula 1 offered, and keeps us on tenterhooks for the finish.

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