Video: Le Mans star thrashes GT40

13th December 2016
Ethan Jupp

If the name “Ford GT40” is on the entry list, you can guarantee you’re in for some roaring V8 gloriousness at Goodwood. The 2013 Revival’s Whitsun Trophy saw a selection of GT40s duke it out on the circuit.

It made for a spectacular race, with drivers battling to get as much of the furious V8 power to ground as possible. The fine line of ultimate pace on the edge of the car’s limits is a difficult one to tread. Some do it better than others but as the on board video above shows, Alex Buncombe has this delicate dance absolutely nailed, so much so that he set the fastest lap of the weekend! The way he calmly keeps it pinned and accelerating through neutral drifts is astonishing. 

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