Video: On board Lotus Can-Am car at Revival 2016

25th October 2016
Ethan Jupp

The Whitsun Trophy at this year’s Goodwood Revival was an utter spectacle of wet-weather car-control in some of the most savage machines to turn a wheel at the Meeting. When you could actually catch a sight of these sleek yet muscular machines through the haze of the rain, you’d normally see them hurtling through a neutral slide – with drivers attempting to both maintain pace and control the monstrous power.


In the video above, catch a first-person view of the victorious Rob Huff in the Lotus-Oldsmobile 19 wrestling it around the Motor Circuit on his way to Whitsun Trophy glory. You can see just how dialled in Rob is with the car and the inputs required, as his millimetre-perfect control keeps the Can-Am monster on the straight and narrow.  

Can you imagine pedalling these things at the limit in these conditions? 

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