Video: Outstanding Cobra clash at Revival 2021

10th January 2023
James Brodie

The RAC TT Celebration has to be the definitive Revival race, right? A huge grid stacked with some of the best closed-cockpit GT cars of the sixties sounds tantalising by itself. Then you inspect the entry list to see a former Formula 1 world champion lining up on the grid.

2009 F1 title winner Jenson Button was a part of this race, in 2021. But he didn’t actually turn out to be the main draw. Maybe that’s not such a surprise, given the quality of racing often on display in the TT.

The battle playing out at the front of the pack in the closing stages of the race saw two-time Le Mans outright winner Romain Dumas go toe-to-toe with experienced GT and endurance racing hand Oliver Bryant, both drivers dicing alongside each other in 289 AC Cobras.

In an incredible near-repeat of the same battle, in the same cars, in the same race, between the two drivers that unfolded in 2019, Dumas and Bryant appeared to be in a class of their own, engaged in a titanic scrap for victory – but the finish wouldn’t prove to be quite so straightforward.

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