Video: Raw trackside footage from Goodwood Revival

06th October 2022
Simon Ostler

If you’ve seen nothing else of this year’s Goodwood Revival, you should most definitely set aside five minutes to take this in. Take a virtual trackside seat and revel in the sight and sound of these utterly extraordinary machines as they tackle the Chicane and blast their way down the pit straight. The roar as a field of Cobras and E-types fly past in the RAC TT Celebration is truly biblical, but one thing you perhaps don’t appreciate while watching the live stream is just how much these cars are moving around.

There’s something equally jaw-dropping about a line of stunning ‘60s F1 cars gliding through the Chicane and making their way, at an alarming speed, down towards Madgwick with perfect blue skies overhead. In fact, that might be our favourite visual of the entire weekend.

We would, of course, always recommend that you get yourself over to Goodwood to experience the thrill of watching these cars in person. But you weren’t lucky enough to make it to the Motor Circuit this year, this special collection of all the best trackside footage we managed to capture during the weekend will go some way to showing you exactly what it’s like. It’s spectacular stuff.

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