Video: St Mary's Trophy Part 2 full race

11th October 2016
Ethan Jupp

The St Mary’s Trophy at this year’s Goodwood Revival – at least in its first part – was infused with its fair share of spectacular racing, set against a backdrop of a monsoon bringing some oversteer antics and epic fun. Whilst Andrew Jordan and Gordon Shedden put on a glorious show, the washed out Saturday wasn’t the day where we would see what the little Austins were really made of. 

Then we plowed on into the Sunday, and it couldn’t have been more different: Clear skies and bone dry. Time to get the toe down… Dorlin, Knill-Jones and Mike Jordan got their chase on and really put the Austins to the test, but none courted the limits quite like Ben Colburn who had his number 5 car flipping onto the infield. Catch it all in the full race video above. 

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