Video: The 11 best laps from SpeedWeek 2020

19th February 2021
Laura Thomson

Do you have a minute? If not, you’re going to want to make one – or 15, to tune in to this awesome compilation of top laps from the inaugural Goodwood SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard.

In a year of limited racing, SpeedWeek brought together the best of motorsport, welcoming everything from classic rally cars to modern Formula 1 challengers to the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Over four days, viewers were virtually treated to a whole collection of incredible action and hotly-contended races. As ever, there could only be one winner in each race, and the drivers fought tooth and nail for the title.

As you can imagine, it has been hard to narrow down our favourite laps. But after months of pouring over the footage, we’ve finally settled on eleven. From the 70 years of F1 celebration to the stunning Lavant Cup and even a furious Nissan Skyline session, this video has it all, and then some!

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