Seven spectacular sportscars to see at SpeedWeek

11th October 2020
Ethan Jupp

Goodwood SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard is just days away and we couldn’t be more excited to fill the Motor Circuit with the great and good of motorsport past and present. Given the unique nature of SpeedWeek, we’ve some quite exciting machinery you might not otherwise find at the Motor Circuit outside of the Members’ Meeting. Here are seven sportscars you can’t miss at SpeedWeek, some familiar to Motor Circuit regulars, some not so much...


Porsche WSC-95

Kicking off the ‘rarely seen at the track’ theme with a bang, is the incredible Porsche WSC-95. Among Porsche Le Mans winners it goes somewhat underappreciated, perhaps due to it doing so under privateer stewardship without factory support. Given the WSC-95 won two years on the trot, in 1996 and 1997, it’s very much a part of the Porsche Le Mans legend. Catch Tom Kristensen being reunited with the very car in which he secured his first (of many) Le Mans victories, as he guns for the SpeedWeek Shootout presented by Mastercard crown...


Jaguar XJR-9/12

It’s not often we see Jaguar and TWR’s XJR sportscar darlings take to the Motor Circuit. As it happens, a whole fleet of them will be at SpeedWeek on hand to celebrate this legendary bloodline. This 1990 XJR-12 is one of the most significant XJRs and in fact, one of the most significant Group C cars. Having started life as an XJR-9, it helped Martin Brundle on the way to his 1988 World Sportscar Championship title.


Low-drag lightweight Jaguar E-type ‘49 FXN’

Jaguar E-types are far from a rare sight at the Motor Circuit but stick with us for what is one of the most significant E-types of all. This genuine Low-drag lightweight car is just one of two ever made. Competing in the Goodwood TT in period, and topping 174mph at Le Mans thanks to its sleek snout and tapered rump, this privateer-prepared streamlined special is a world away from your ‘average’ FHC. Catch it back at Goodwood, flat-out in the RAC TT Celebration at SpeedWeek.


Porsche 911 GT1/98

Next up, a car in need of little introduction. Sitting alongside the McLaren F1 GTR as a king of the GT1 period, is the legendary Porsche 911 GT1/98 Le Mans winner. Allan McNish, Laurent Aiello and Stéphane Ortelli piloted this shrink-wrapped third-generation GT1 to the 1998 Le Mans win, towards the end of the GT1 era. It returns to the Motor Circuit for SpeedWeek three years on from its 75th Members’ Meeting GT1 demo appearance. Yes, with the WSC 95, we have back-to-back Le Mans winners on track at SpeedWeek.


Ford Mustang GT-S1

Now for something completely different. Is it a sportscar? is it a tin-top? The Ford Mustang GT S1 could pass for either. For the purposes of celebrating the variety of SpeedWeek machinery going flat-out on track in a few days, it’s the former. Flat-out for sure, too, as this Trans-Am Roush-powered titan is down for a crack at the SpeedWeek shootout with Olly Bryant at the wheel.


Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C

Another Motor Circuit regular is the inimitably beautiful Ferrari 250 SWB/C. As with other regulars on the list, however, this is a special one. It’s Sir Stirling Moss’s triple-winning blue car, chassis 2119, at Goodwood for a tribute to Mr Motor Racing. Sir Stirling took 7 SPA to Ferrari’s first RAC Tourist Trophy win and you’ll be able to see it in action at SpeedWeek.


Peugeot 908 FAP

From a timeless panel-beaten beauty with unmatchable significance, to Peugeot’s unlikely V12 diesel-powered LMP car. You’ve got to love the sportscar class for the variety in its history. It’s not often LMP cars come to Goodwood – they’re the newest class of car to feature in a Members’ Meeting demo – so you won’t want to miss this Le Mans Peugeot 908 flat-out at Goodwood. Yes, you read that right, it’ll be going all-out in the Shootout.

All of these incredible sportscars and so many more will be in action on-track at SpeedWeek. While we’ve highlighted stars from the TT, Shootout and beyond, the big-banger ‘60s V8 prototypes are present and correct, as are many more Goodwood regulars in a variety of races. We’re clock-watching in anticipation now...

Images courtesy of Motorsport Images, Mustang image by Drew Gibson, 908 image by Steve Tarrant.

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