Video: How Jenson Button and Ken Block fell in love with speed

21st January 2021
Laura Thomson

The inaugural SpeedWeek presented by Mastercard was special for a whole host of reasons, not least the creation of a new Goodwood mini-series, ‘SpeedWeek Stories’. Today, we’re joining motorsport legends Jenson Button and Ken Block, as they talk everything from first cars, to racing heroes and even the perfect driving tune. Nothing is off-topic in these casual chats.

The 2009 F1 champion Button claims his love of cars came from attending Rallycross meetings with his father (first in a Volkswagen Beetle and later in a Golf), while the Hoonigan himself claims that Rally was the motorsport that he ‘related to the most’ out of a whole host that he used to partake in. SpeedWeek Stories are a light-hearted way to spend seven minutes of your day, allowing you to get right under the skin of some of your favourite racing heroes.

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Video: How Jenson Button and Ken Block fell in love with speed

21st January 2021


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