Video: Stunning four-way touring car battle at Goodwood

29th March 2020
Ben Miles

We titled this video as a four-way battle, because at the end it’s a straight fight between a gaggle of four cars. But it would also have been fair to widen this out to up to eight…          

You see if you watch the full race (which you can find here) you’ll see that toward the end of the bonkers Gerry Marshall Sprint reversed-grid race at the 75th Goodwood Members’ meeting the front eight at one point are covered by five seconds.

Within that group here were several different smaller battles. With the two leading cars a little way ahead and two a little further to the rear. But for a while it was hard to know where to put your eyes. In the end out of the final chicane it was a straight fight between Nick Swift’s Mini, Patrick Watts’s Ford Carpi, Nick Padmore’s BMW 535i, and the onrushing Graeme Bryant in his mighty Chevrolet Camaro. But who would win?

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