80MM race list announced

08th December 2022
Ben Miles

The Members' Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport is a thrilling weekend of epic motor racing, high speed track demonstrations and fun-packed festivities. Uncrowded, intimate and access-all-areas, it is exclusively open to members of the Goodwood Road Racing Club community.



The 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport will open the motorsport season in April 2023, and we think it’s high time we told you exactly what would be happening on track through the weekend. We’ve already announced our awesome GT1 demo, and there’s more demonstration information to follow, but now it’s time to reveal every single race at 80MM.


Gordon Spice Trophy

Goodwood’s race for Group 1 Touring cars from 1972 to 1980 returns, but now with a brand new name. After eight years racing as the Gerry Marshall Trophy we’ll be renaming the race in honour of Gordon Spice, who passed away in 2021. Spice was one of the greatest figures in touring car racing throughout the 1970s, and is closely linked with the Ford Capri, also a major star of this race.

This year the Gordon Spice Trophy will return to its format from the 78th Members’ Meeting – with two heats of 30 cars each, qualifying on Saturday for the final on Sunday. This ensures three exciting races over the weekend and a brilliant final to look forward to.

Jim Clark Trophy

We’re celebrating 60 years since the launch of the iconic Lotus Cortina with a two-driver, 45-minute race for just the twin-cam legends. Double F1 champion Clark may be most famous for his exploits in single seaters, but his successes in the Cortina might, if anything, have been greater.

Clark won the British Saloon Car Championship in a Cortina, and won almost every circuit race he ever contested at the wheel of the Ford-built saloons. This race will be one not to miss, filled with VIP drivers and guaranteed to be a close tussle throughout.


S.F. Edge Trophy

Returning after a year’s break, the bonkers fight for pre-war ‘specials’ is back for a pair of short, sharp sprints. These cars were first made back in the very early days of motoring, and raced on make-shift circuits around Britain over a century ago. Expect to see Goodwood legends including the Fiat S76 “Beast of Turin” and more do battle over a pair of five-lap sprints, one on Saturday, one on Sunday.

Threlfall Cup

It wouldn’t really be an event at the Goodwood Motor Circuit without a little celebration of where all racing drivers begin their careers. In the case of the 80th Members’ Meeting that will be the Threlfall Cup, a race for front-engined Formula Junior cars. While the cars may look small the battles are normally close, with the drivers regularly battling in historic racing around the country. If you’re looking for variety, the Threlfall Cup should deliver more different brands than any other 80MM race.


Hailwood Trophy (feat. Sheene Trophy)

The Members’ Meeting’s only bike race returns. This will be the third time the Hailwood Trophy has taken place at Goodwood, and sees 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix motorbikes from before 1984 racing alongside a fleet of Formula 750 bikes from before 1973. The overall winner will claim the Hailwood Trophy while the Sheene Trophy goes to the first four-stroke bike to cross the line.

Trofeo Nuvolari

Another returning favourite with a new name. Our race for sportscars that raced before 1939 will this year celebrate the great Tazio Nuvolari. In 2023 it will be 90 years since the great Italian won the RAC Tourist Trophy, Le Mans 24 Hours and Mille Miglia in a single season.

So what better way to celebrate than to send the correct era of vintage sportscars out to race at 80MM? This race should see cars from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Delahaye battling. As these are easily some of the most elegant racers ever to attack Le Mans it’s one that’s not to be missed.


Moss Trophy

Speaking of perfect ways to honour someone, there’s no better way to remember “Mr Goodwood” himself than to race GT cars for the Moss Trophy. Reminiscent of the Revival’s Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy, this will see closed-cockpit GT cars from 1958-’62 racing, but over a shorter sprint. One driver per car, 20 minutes and a fleet of E-types, Cobras, TVRs, Austin Healeys and more this will evoke the spirit of the early RAC TTs at Goodwood.

Gurney Cup

Another favourite of the Members’ Meeting. The Gurney Cup made its debut back at the 76th event, featuring the kinds of V8 machines that Dan himself would have raced around the globe back in the 1960s. At the 78th Members’ Meeting it was expanded into a 45-minute, two-driver race, one of our first ever two-driver races for prototypes, and saw drivers including Dario Franchitti battle in cars such as the Shelby Daytona Cobra, Ford GT40s, McLaren M1As and more.

For the 80th Members’ Meeting we will return to the format that went down so well in October 2021, for another 45-minute attack.


Tony Gaze Trophy

In the 75th anniversary year of motorsport at Goodwood we had to celebrate the grandfather of the Motor Circuit in some way. Tony Gaze was the World War Two fighter ace and racing driver who suggested to Freddie March – the current Duke of Richmond’s grandfather – that maybe the perimeter roads of the airfield would make a decent race track.

To celebrate this monumental contribution to motorsport at Goodwood the Tony Gaze Trophy will be contested by the types of cars that raced between 1948 and 1954, the first flourishes of the Goodwood Motor Circuit’s racing life.

Salvadori Cup

The final race on the list is one of the most beautiful, with sports-prototypes from the late 1950s racing head-to-head in the name of Le Mans winner Roy Salvadori. These cars were the ones that shaped the Le Mans 24 Hours as it emerged from its post-war period. Expect to see cars from Jaguar, Maserati, Tojeiro and more closing out an incredible weekend’s action on Sunday afternoon.

Tickets for the 80th Members’ Meeting are on sale now. Click here for information.

Photography by Pete Summers, Jordan Butters, Dominic James and Jochen Van Cawenberge.

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