Full #76MM race programme revealed!

22nd November 2017
Henry Hope-Frost

With the fifth edition of Goodwood’s modern-day Members’ Meeting, formulated to recreate the 71 such club-focused events that characterised the circuit’s original evocation from the late-1940s to the mid-’60s, less than four months away, the Motor Circuit team is thrilled to be able to reveal the races that will make up the 76th Members’ Meeting programme on March 17-18.


If you’ve attended any of the previous four events that have run each Spring since 2014 there’ll be a mixture here of some familiar names, with a smattering of new contests designed to keep the event fresh and give a new selection of cars a chance to compete around the famous West Sussex venue.

If you’re new to the Members’ Meeting concept, there’ll be a wonderful surprise around every corner – on the track and in the paddock.

Either way, we’re confident the 12-race schedule, which starts on Saturday afternoon after the qualifying sessions and runs all through Sunday, offers a stunning array of single-seaters, GT and touring cars and motorcycles that’ll thrill fans of all ages and persuasions.

Ronnie Hoare Trophy

Named after Ford dealer-turned Maranello Concessionaires frontman Colonel Ronnie Hoare, who ran a succession of Ferrari GT racers at home and abroad, the meeting’s opening race caters for road-going sports and GT cars of a type that raced internationally between 1963 and 1966. Expect to be able to ogle Ferrari 275 GTB/Cs, Porsche 911 and 904 Carrera GTSs and Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1s

Gerry Marshall Trophy

Run in memory of British saloon-car king Gerry Marshall, whose big build, big personality and big skill wowed racegoers in the 1970s and ’80s, this two-part thrash for Group 1 saloon cars of a type that raced between 1970 and 1982 is always epic. Chunky Rover SD1s, slippery 3.0S Ford Capris and grunty Chevrolet Camaros will battle hard in Saturday’s two-driver, 45-minute feature and again in Sunday’s 15-minute sprint, with Triumph Dolomite Sprints, VW Golf GTIs and Mini 1275GTs snapping at their heels. 

Caracciola Sportwagenrennen

Under the Varzi Trophy name in 2017, this race for sports-racing cars of a type that raced up to 1939 takes on the identity of the Caracciola Sportwagenrennen for 2018. Named after pre-war Grand Prix hero and three-time European Drivers’ Champion Rudolf Caracciola, it will feature glorious and eye-wateringly valuable machinery such as the Mercedes-Benz SSK, Alfa Romeo 8C Monza and BMW 328.

Derek Bell Cup

Creating a superb spectacle as they screamed around the Motor Circuit in close formation during each of their previous three visits, the one-litre Formula 3 cars of a type that raced between 1964 and 1970 will be back in 2018 for the hotly contested Derek Bell Cup, named after the Goodwood favourite and local ace who cut his teeth in the formula in period. A packed grid of Brabhams, Marches and Tecnos, among other iconic names, are sure to recreate some of the magic. 

Hailwood Trophy

Motorcycles joined the Members’ bill in 2016 with the Hailwood Trophy for 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix motorcycles of a type that raced between 1970 and 1984 – and were a huge hit. The two-stroke, smoking bikes, the majority of which are variations of Yamaha’s classic TZ350, will be returning in 2018 for another epic contest for the Hailwood Trophy in honour of the late and very great Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood.

Gurney Cup

“Gurney Cup – For Group 4 and Group 7 sports racing cars of a type that raced between 1960 and 1966. Set to be a David-versus-Goliath battle, the all-new Gurney Cup will highlight the diversity of Dan Gurney’s sportscar career, with thunderous V8 Ford GT40s and early McLaren M1As trying to drown out smaller-engined challengers from Porsche, Elva and Lotus.”

Bolster Cup

Spiritedly-driven, spindly specials, whose speed and acrobatic antics belie their age and, in some cases, cubic capacity, have been a hit since they joined the bill in 2016 in the S.F Edge Trophy. This time, the racing specials of a type that raced up to 1939 will do battle for the Bolster Cup, in honour of Autosport Magazine’s founding technical editor John Bolster, one of the pioneers of the innovative and free-thinking specials movement. It’ll be a classic David v Goliath affair, with GNs, Rileys and Morgan Super Aeros taking on a massive, 12-litre V8 Hispano Suiza Amilcar and a 27-litre V12 Delage! 

Moss Trophy

It wouldn’t be a Goodwood meeting without Sir Stirling’s name on it. Britain’s greatest all-rounder and period Goodwood hero lends his name to the Moss Trophy for closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races of 1960-1962. Ferrari 250 GT SWBs, Jaguar E-types (steel-bodied only) and Lotus Elites will look the part in the race’s return after a three-year absence.  

Hawthorn Trophy

Named after Britain’s first Formula 1 World Champion Mike Hawthorn, the race for front-engined Grand Prix cars of a type that raced up to 1958 will feature authentic Cooper-Bristol Mk2, Connaught A- and B-type and Maserati 250F machinery just like the ‘Farnham Flyer’ raced before becoming a Ferrari title winner at the age of 29.

Sears Trophy

‘Gentleman Jack’ Sears was a saloon and sportscar great during the 1960s, winning two British Saloon Car titles. Memories of his battles with F1 heroes Jack Brabham, Jim Clark and Graham Hill in massive V8 Ford Galaxies will be rekindled in the Sears Trophy for saloon cars of a type that raced between 1958 and 1963. Lotus Cortinas, Mini Cooper Ss and Ford Anglias and Galaxies will make a welcome return for the first time since 2014.

Salvadori Cup

Grand Prix racer and Le Mans winner Roy Salvadori had an enviable record at Goodwood, winning numerous races in a variety of machinery. The final race of the 76th Members’ Meeting, for World Championship sportscars and production sports-racing cars of a type that raced between 1955 and 1960, will take his name and feature rumbling Jaguar D-type, Jaguar- and Chevrolet-engined Lister and Tojeiro-Jaguar endurance racers. The perfect way to finish!



Race 1: Ronnie Hoare Trophy (20 mins)

Race 2: Gerry Marshall Trophy, part 1 (45 mins – two drivers)


Race 3: Caracciola Sportwagenrennen (20 mins)

Race 4: Derek Bell Cup (20 mins)

Race 5: Hailwood Trophy (20 mins)

Race 6: Gurney Cup (20 mins) 

Race 7: Bolster Cup (20 mins)

Race 8: Moss Trophy (45 mins)

Race 9: Gerry Marshall Trophy, part 2 (15-min sprint)

Race 10: Hawthorn Trophy (20 mins) 

Race 11: Sears Trophy (20 mins)

Race 12: Salvadori Cup (20 mins)

Don’t forget the daily high-speed demonstrations that complement the race action. We revealed last week that Formula 5000 single-seaters and Group 5 ‘Special Production’ sportscars will take to the track for the now-traditional, and hugely popular sideshow. Thunderous Lola, McLaren and Surtees machines, all powered by Chevrolet V8 powerplants, will star, with BMW 320s, Ferrari 512 BB/LMs, Lancia Beta Montecarlos and Porsche 935s guaranteed to spin wheels and spit flames for fans appreciative of their 1970s patina.

Photography courtesy of LAT Images

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