Gallery: Sunday morning at the 79th Members’ Meeting

09th April 2022
Andrew Willis

Greeted by the day’s first birdsong, a low-lying mist, and clearing Spring skies, conditions are looking ideal for the race-heavy final day of the 79th Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport. Walking across the hushed circuit, through the pits and into the paddocks, there’s little activity other than some quiet preparations being made for Holy Communion within the Memorial Garden.

Rows upon rows of cars sit still, awaiting the arrival of fans, drivers and owners. Engine cowlings that are uncovered from their black and tailored duvets ripple and glint as droplets of morning dew capture the light like the finest jewels.

From chain-drive Frazer-Nash’s to GT40s and Porsche 956s. Alfa Romeo Monzas and Bugatti Type 35s, the scale of machines ready to do battle this Sunday is hard to grasp. With action beginning at 09.40am with the Weslake Cup, running all the way through to the final Gerry Marshall Sprint at 18.30, it won’t be long until the cathedral-like calm of the paddocks will be engulfed in a cacophony of noise, motion and memorable motorsport moments.

If you want to watch the 79th Members’ Meeting, you can watch Saturday in full here on GRR and across our social channels. To watch on Sunday you’ll need to be a Member or Fellow of the GRRC.

Photography by Joe Harding.

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