Video: F1 Star Chilton Terrifies Girlfriend In 800hp NASCAR Donuts

12th April 2016
Adam Wilkins
Astonishingly they're still together...

Put yourself in the shoes of Chloe Roberts, girlfriend of former F1 and current IndyCar star Max Chilton. She'd never set foot in a racing car before, and at 74MM she was treated (if that's the right word) to a passenger lap of the circuit with Max at the wheel of a noisy, tyre-smoking NASCAR.

As if that's not baptism of fire enough, he indulged in a few donuts on the way around too. 'One way to lose a girlfriend' quipped the commentator on the day, and as this video shows the experience doesn't look entirely comfortable.

None of this, however, prevented Chloe saying yes when Max proposed a couple of weeks after Members' Meeting, congratulations Max!

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