Video: Olly Bryant storms round Sebring in roaring NASCAR

11th January 2017
Ben Miles

North America's premier stock car series doesn't visit the parched concrete of Sebring any more, but this on board video shows why NASCAR should return to Sebring as soon as it can.

Goodwood regular, and 74MM race winner Olly Bryant raced various machines in HSR's inaugural Sebring Classic 12 Hours, including a Dodge Charger NASCAR. And it's that mighty V8-powered machine we find him in here, as he attacks the venerable track with gusto.

Olly's holding nothing back, as usual, but the thing that we take away from this video most has to be that astonishing noise. Listen to the brutal accelerative force and the sound of Bryant heel-and-toeing his way down the gears into the chicane. Then marvel at the fact the big NASCAR is doing 80mph in 1st!

is there a more sonorously pleasing series in the world right now other than NASCAR


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