Video: Le Mans star & BTCC champion in Camaro v SD1 tussle

17th March 2017
Ben Miles

Grunt. That's what this battle is about. Can Gordon Shedden throw JD Classics' Patrick Motorsport Rover SD1 round the twisty bits of Goodwood fast enough to make up for the sheer grunt that Olly Bryant is packing in his Chevrolet Camaro?

At the end of the video, the answer is no. But that's not to say that the triple BTCC champion doesn't put his absolutely everything into resisting the irresistible charge. Bryant begins the video behind, but ends the Lavant straight in front.

Queue 'Flash' hurling the blue, white, red and yellow Rover through Woodcote and back into the lead. Bryant is back in front on the home straight, at St Mary's Shedden is fully committed again in one last desperate attempt to make up for the phenomenal power of the Camaro. Sure enough, he exits the famous s-bend barely half a car's length back from the GT racer, but that's as close as he'll get.

Never mind, we think Shedden deserves some kind of award for the amazing angles he sets that SD1 at through the fast right-left. More of that this weekend please Gordon!

You can watch the battle rejoined along with every other race from 75MM in full, for free, on our live stream here!

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