Video: Stunning long-tail sportscars take to the circuit at 72MM

14th March 2017
Ethan Jupp

The 72nd Members’ Meeting, if you can believe it, was three years ago as of this weekend! It kicked off the return of the Members’ Meetings, providing the perfect season-opener for a new year of motorised antics. 

What has become a staple for the Members’ Meeting opened at the 72nd, too. I of course refer to the demos. 72MM kicked off the tradition with a bang, with the Long-tail sportscars taking to the track as shown in the video above. These are top-level machines ranging from the monstrous Ford Mk4 through to the end of Group C, with everything from the utterly gorgeous Ferrari 512 BBLM to the stunning Martini Porsche 917 Langheck, to the beastly 962. What’s your pick for a 4 hour stint?

  • 72MM

  • Porsche

  • 917

  • Ferrari

  • 512

  • 77mm-porsche-915-512-goodwood-06042019.jpg

    Members' Meeting

    Video: Watch the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 make some noise

  • 72mm-2014-long-tail-demo-j-bloxham-lat-mi-goodwood-09052020.jpg

    Members' Meeting

    Gallery: Long-tail Le Mans racers out in force at Goodwood

  • ferrari-512-bb-lm-porsche-935-k3-imola-video-main-goodwood-29072019.jpg


    Video: On board a Ferrari 512 BB LM battling a Porsche 935 K3