SEP 15th 2023

Simon Ostler

5 most memorable moments from the Singapore Grand Prix

It’s difficult to believe that the Singapore Grand Prix has been on the Formula 1 calendar for 15 years. The sport’s original night race felt like such a ground breaking moment back in 2008, that we might be embarking on a new dawn within the sport. And yet here we are more than a decade later, and while Marina Bay has been joined on the calendar by night races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and soon Las Vegas, the act of racing under lights feels no more significant than racing in daylight.

That the Singapore Grand Prix has remained a fixture on the F1 calendar (barring two years off during the pandemic) however is largely down to the racing we’ve had there. The circuit, coupled with extreme climate conditions, is one of the toughest challenges of the year for the drivers, who regularly deal with temperatures exceeding 50 Celsius. On top of that, Marina Bay has been the backdrop for some truly dramatic moments, some of which have had world championship deciding connotations.


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