Updated: APR 04th 2024

Simon Ostler

6 drivers that could replace Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2025

As news broke of Lewis Hamilton’s seismic move to Ferrari for 2025 the F1 world gradually descended into chaos as realisations of what it all means for the future began to dawn. Not only will Lewis Hamilton, seven-time world champion with 103 wins and a massive fanbase be driving in red next year, but Carlos Sainz Jr. will be out of a drive, and the entire F1 grid has been put on notice that one of the biggest seats in the sport has just become available.

Even after two years of relatively poor performance, there are very few drivers in F1 who would turn down the opportunity to drive for the most successful team in recent history. So aside from the obvious answer, that most of the F1 grid would jump at the chance, here are six drivers who we think could replace Lewis Hamilton in 2025.


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